• Jimmy Saldana

        I worked in corporate America for 8+ years. It became a struggle to find success and happiness there. I worked hard. I put in long hours.  But, ultimately I felt as though I was working toward someone else’s dream, not my own.  I wanted to see that my work and decisions had an immediate impact on me and my life. I needed something new.  I wasn’t sure where or how I would find it, but I started looking. Oddly enough Modern Home (formerly RFD) was founded as a simple idea started in a two-car garage.
        Two friends came together combining passions of antique furniture and modern design to create a business that rapidly grew. I believe in making the most of every moment of every day.
        I also believe wherever my abilities and opportunities lead is where God has designed for me to serve, fulfilling the tasks He has planned.  

  • Danielle Petro

        I was born and raised in Peachtree Corners, Ga.  I attended Furman University on a full soccer scholarship where I majored in health and exercise science. Upon graduating in 2004, I began working at Red Baron Antiques, and this is where my love for furniture developed.  
        After working with antiques for 15+ years I decided to connect with Jimmy to build out a company that would provide so much more meaning to my professional career. I had grown tired of building someone's else dream, so I decided to work on one of my own. My past experiences working with beautiful antiques spill over on a daily basis while selecting inventory for the ever changing market of interior design. It's amazing what faith and hard work can accomplish over time.

Our Team